Conference "Children for the Future, Future of the Children Child Policies and the Role of Civil Society in a Time of the Economic Crisis"

The conference seeks to analyze the changes in family and children policies under the conditions of economic distress. Particular attention was given to the problem of child poverty.



Expert Discussion and Symposium: Review and Perspective on the Policies concerning the Social Welfare in Japan and Germany – Development and Transition of the Social Security

The development of Social Security in Japan and Germany is closely linked to the development of the Social Insurance system. But the Transformation of the socio-economic environment initiated by globalization and declining birthrates combined with an aging population challenges the Social Security conditions in place.

For this Symposium we invited researchers of Social Security and policy makers who were directly involved in the drawing and implementing of the corresponding provisions, to discuss the above matter.



Post-Kyoto and the "Green New Deal" - Green Opportunities for Japan, Germany and the US

Japan, Germany, and the U.S. are the global leaders in the fields of environmental technologies, public incentive mechanisms and market potential. The conference highlights these strengths and discusses how they can be enhanced with effective strategies, mechanisms, and targets for the Post-Kyoto summit in Copenhagen.



Workshop: "Communication within the Health Care System"

The aim of this workshop was to examine the communication in the health care system from different vantage points and in doing so to allow the exchange of knowledge between academics and practitioners. Emphasis was put on the communication in the elder care with reference to Japan’s rapidly ageing population.



Roundtable: The Politics of History in Japan and Germany

On the occasion of the visit of Michael Roth MP, a round table dialogue was faciliated regarding issues of reconciliation in Europe and East Asia. Participants included Fukushima Mizuho MP and Prof. Ishida Yuji from The University of Tokyo.


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