10.06.2009 | Event

Post-Kyoto and the "Green New Deal" - Green Opportunities for Japan, Germany and the US

Japan, Germany, and the U.S. are the global leaders in the fields of environmental technologies, public incentive mechanisms and market potential. The…


25.04.2009 | Event

Workshop: "Communication within the Health Care System"

The aim of this workshop was to examine the communication in the health care system from different vantage points and in doing so to allow the…


03.02.2009 | Event

Roundtable: The Politics of History in Japan and Germany

On the occasion of the visit of Michael Roth MP, a round table dialogue was faciliated regarding issues of reconciliation in Europe and East Asia.…


30.06.2008 | Event

Conference "Global Energy and Climate Security Prospects for German – Japanese Cooperation"

The conference shows how the German, European and Japanese energy and climate policies have developed over the last years. What areas for closer…


05.04.2008 | Event

International Symposium: Peacemakers or Powder Monkeys – the Role of the Media in Post-WWII History

The Symposium focused on the role of mass media in processes of reconciliation in Europe and East Asia. Participants included representatives of Major…


26.03.2008 | Event

International Symposium "Views from the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Democratic Party of Japan, and US Parties on the topic of Globalization and Inequality"

How are issues of globalization, liberalization, and inequality currently being discussed in industrialized countries, and how are policy makers…


23.10.2007 | Event

International Symposium: Migration and Integration - Japan in a Comparative Perspective

Drawing upon the German experience, this conference addresses demographic change and labor migration in Japan.


16.10.2007 | Event

Lecture "The Model Europe on the Testing Bench: Current Development – Role Model for Asia?"

A discussion with Michael Roth, member of the German Bundestag and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, on the topic of strong…


30.06.2007 | Event

International Symposium: Regional Integration and Historical Reconciliation – The Role of Subnational Actors in Europe and Northeast Asia

In the popular vision of post World War II Europes regional integration is often linked to the names of famous national leaders. This symposium will…


06.09.2006 | Event

International Symposium: Labor Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

The current unstable political situation in the Middle East and North Africa makes it difficult for trade unions in these regions to interact freely…


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