13.10.2011 | Event

International Workshop "Well-being in Ritual Practice: Social Interaction, Communication, Self-Improvement?"

The aim of the workshop is to discuss a wide range of ritual practices including seasonal festivities, ancestor veneration activities, praying for…


30.09.2011 | Event

Round-table: Challenges of Energy Policy in Japan

The Fukushima nuclear incident in 2011 rendered the current Japanese energy policy obsolete. In search of a new guideline for the future, the German…


06.06.2011 | Event

Round-table: Japanese-German Dialogue on Energy Politics

Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima energy politics in Japan and Germany have been placed under scrutiny. While the German government changed its…


02.06.2011 | Event

Lecture "The Future of Nuclear Energy after the Fukushima Accident"

Lecture by Prof. Miranda Schreurs (Free University Berlin) on the topic of "Germany’s Path towards a Low-carbon, Non-nuclear Energy Future:…


04.12.2010 | Event

International Symposium: Mutal Perceptions in Japanese-German Relations - Images, Imaginings, and Stereotypes

The Japanese-German relations date back to the Eulenburg mission to Japan in 1860/1861. In 2011 Japan and Germany will celebrate the 150th anniversary…


29.09.2010 | Event

International Symposium "Guardianship Law in the context of the World Congress on Adult Guardianship Law 2010"

10 years have passed since the establishment of the Japan Adult Guardianship Law.

We held this open Symposium to explore current issues on this law…


18.09.2010 | Event

International Symposium: The Energy Revolution and the Comparative Political Economy of the Feed-in Tariff

This conference compares the political economy of the renewable energy revolution and its main policy driver, the feed-in tariff, in the three regions…


12.06.2010 | Event

International Conference on the Empowerment of Women

This seminar emphasizes the opportunity for a dialogue between Europe and Japan in the area of women issues.


03.06.2010 | Event

Lecture "The Situation in North Korea and Current Issues of Security Policy in Northeast Asia"

Following a speech of Johannes Pflug (Member of the German Bundestag), a discussion with the participants of the event on the situation in North Korea…


13.04.2010 | Event

Round-table: Germany's and Japan's Relations with the USA

Japanese and German decision-makers and experts discussed the role of the US in the respective foreign policies of the two countries with a particular…


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