International Symposium: Migration and Integration - Japan in a Comparative Perspective

Drawing upon the German experience, this conference addresses demographic change and labor migration in Japan.

As “non classical countries of immigration,” both Germany and Japan experienced rapid economic growth in the post-war years, with Germany establishing a “guest-worker” system during that phase. Japan, facing a declining population, is now in the midst of a political societal discourse on the desirable levels of immigration and the appropriate means for the integration of immigrants. Which direction will Japan’s immigration policy take in the face of demographic change? This conference brings together a multi-disciplinary array of migration scholars, politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats and representatives of the business world and civil society from Germany, Japan, France and the US to discuss Japan’s options in comparative perspective.

Date: Tuesday/Wednesday, 23-24 October 2007, 09:30 - 17:30
Place: German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ)
Language: Simultaneous English and Japanese translation

Organized by:
German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ)
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (Waseda University, GSAPS)

Supported by:
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
The Japan Foundation

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