24.11.2012 | Event

The 11th Forum "Historical Consciousness and Peace in East Asia"

The Forum "Historical Consciousness and Peace in East Asia" serves to deepen the Sino-Japanese Dialogue on history and considers European experiences…


18.10.2012 | Event

EPRIE (Exchange Program for Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe) 2012

Open Symposium on the topic "On The Way to a Economical Integration in Eastern Asia"


15.10.2012 | Event

International Symposium "Global Energy Policy at a Crossroad"

During this symposium, experts from Japan, Germany, the United States, China and Hong Kong discuss issues related to renewable energy technology and…


10.10.2012 | Event

Round-table "Finance system in Germany and the world - challenges and perspectives"

Seminar and Round-table talks with Carsten Sieling, Member of the Bundestag (Social Democratic Party of Germany)


25.09.2012 | Event

Lecture "Energy policy in Germany - nuclear power phase-out and economic growth"

Lecture by Dr. Sven Saaler, Representative of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Tokyo, on energy policy in Germany and Japan.


08.07.2012 | Event

International Symposium "China's Role in Asia - Research Approaches in Germany and Japan"

How to deal with a rising China? Experts from Japan and Germany discuss issues of international relations and global society.


07.07.2012 | Event

Symposium: The decision of Germany to phase out nuclear power

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04.04.2012 | Event

Round table with the delegation of "Arbeit und Leben" from Germany: Japanese perceptions of history and reconciliation in East Asia

Sven Saaler, FES Japan Representative, gave a lecture on Japanese efforts to come to terms with its history after World War II to the delegation of…


11.03.2012 | Event

Symposium: "Japan & Germany: What do we learn from the nuclear accident in Fukushima?"

One thing that became painfully evident through the nuclear accident on March 11th 2011 is that nuclear technology cannot be controlled by human…


08.03.2012 | Event

International Symposium: "Declining birthrate and aging population in Germany and Japan"

The demographic change in Japan and Germany has become a serious challenge for the societies of both countries: Child poverty, the aging of the…


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