Round-table: Challenges of Energy Policy in Japan

The Fukushima nuclear incident in 2011 rendered the current Japanese energy policy obsolete. In search of a new guideline for the future, the German example is frequently spotlighted and taken into consideration. German and Japanese policy-makers, bureaucrats and representatives of NGOs discussed future-oriented energy policies.

Date: 30.9.-4.10. October 2011

List of Participants:
Rolf Hempelmann, Member of the Bundestag (Social Democratic Party of Germany)
Masaru KANEKO, Professor of Keio University
Tomoko ABE, member of the House of Representatives, Social Democratic Party Japan
Thomas Triller, counsellor of Political Affairs, German Embassy
Andrew DeWit, Professor of Rikkyo University
Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, Professor of Tsukuba University
Martin Pohl, Professor of Tsukuba University
Journalism magazine "SEKAI", Iwanami Shoten

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