Round-table: Japanese-German Dialogue on Energy Politics

Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima energy politics in Japan and Germany have been placed under scrutiny. While the German government changed its political approach towards a nuclear phase-out policy, Japan still discusses its future energy policies. Prof. Miranda Schreurs gave a lecture on recent developments in Germany and presented the conclusions of the german ethics commisision for safe energy supply.

Date: Monday to Sunday, 6-12 June 2011

List of Participants:
Miranda Schreurs, Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin)
Iida Tetsunari, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies
Kaneko Masaru, Keio University
Suzuki Koji, OECD-TUAC
Shiota Masayuki, RENGO
Katsumata Mamiko, RENGO
Abe Tomoko, Unterhausabgeordnete, Social Democratic Party Japan
Sumizawa Hiroki, Nihon Joshi Universiy

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