07.07.2017 | Event, News

EPRIE 2017- Exchange Program For Regional Integration In East Asia And Europe

EPRIE 2017 will take a closer look at global migration patterns as well as differences and similarities between migration policies in Europe and East…


09.06.2017 | Event

Symposium "Ageing Societies and Legal Approaches"

Germany and Japan are both confronting substantial social and political challenges of an increasingly aging society. Their goal is to find sustainable…


22.02.2017 | Event

Conference "Migration and Demographic Challenges: New Policy Approaches in Japan and Germany"

Under a worldwide trend of growing anti-globalism and anti-refugee movements, both Japan and Germany need objective, fact-based approaches to issues…


21.02.2017 | Event

Reception "50 Years FES in Japan"

FES Tokyo Office celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.


15.11.2016 | Event

Conference "The Relevance of Area Studies for the Sciences and Public Policy - Examples from Europe & Asia"

Social sciences tend to neglect local conditions, i.e. the specific ecological, social, political and economic context of a country or a region. Our…


03.11.2016 | Event

1st World Community Power Conference 2016 in Fukushima

WCPC aims at bring leading community power proponents from Japan and the world together in order to discuss the role community power has to play in…


23.03.2016 | Event

Symposium “EU-Japan relations: Shaping the Future”

The European Union and Japan have essential mutual interests that will likely continue to coincide over a longer period. Such interests include the…


11.03.2016 | Event

Symposium "3.11 - 5 years after Fukushima, 30 years after Chernobyl"

Five years after the nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima and 30 years after the accidents in Chernobyl, experts and citizens will discuss the…


05.12.2015 | Event

International Symposium "Germany's experience with Refugees and the Implications for Japan"

Called the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the Syrian humanitarian disaster has displaced half of the country’s total population of 22…


07.11.2015 | Event

International Symposium "Peace and Conflict Research in East Asia and Eastern Europe"

At the symposium, experts discussed the actual tensions and disputes in Europa and East Asia. This symposium served to deepen the network and…


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