30.06.2007 | Event

International Symposium: Regional Integration and Historical Reconciliation – The Role of Subnational Actors in Europe and Northeast Asia

In the popular vision of post World War II Europes regional integration is often linked to the names of famous national leaders. This symposium will…


06.09.2006 | Event

International Symposium: Labor Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

The current unstable political situation in the Middle East and North Africa makes it difficult for trade unions in these regions to interact freely…


07.04.2006 | Event

International Symposium "The Contribution of Civil Society to Historical Reconciliation in Europe – Opportunities for a Fresh Look at East Asia’s Politics of History"

In this symposium, we discuss what “transnational non-state actors”, which at times collaborate and at others compete with governments, can do to…


14.03.2006 | Event

Expert Workshop "Nursing Care Insurance and Guardianship Law – Problematic Areas and Reform Approaches in Germany and Japan"

The accelerating aging of the populations of Japan and Germany has led to an increasing demand for eldery care. Both countries have introduced care…


09.03.2006 | Event

International Conference: Family Policy in an Aging Society

This conference took a close look at the historical, demographic, social, economical as well as the social law perspective of family policy in Japan…


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