05.12.2015 | Event

International Symposium "Germany's experience with Refugees and the Implications for Japan"

Called the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the Syrian humanitarian disaster has displaced half of the country’s total population of 22…


07.11.2015 | Event

International Symposium "Peace and Conflict Research in East Asia and Eastern Europe"

At the symposium, experts discussed the actual tensions and disputes in Europa and East Asia. This symposium served to deepen the network and…


31.10.2015 | Event

The 14th Forum for "Historical Consciousness and Peace in East Asia"

70 years have passed since the Battle of Okinawa. Until today, the fight against the bases, such as Henoko, continues. On this Forum, we discuss…


27.10.2015 | Event

German-Japanese Energy Dialogue

During the visit of Matthias Bartke MP, the Japanese-German dialogue on energy policy was deepened. Dr. Bartke met with Diet Members in Tokyo and with…


17.07.2015 | Event

Exchange Program for Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe (EPRIE) - Nations and Identities -

EPRIE is a concept aiming to bring together young scholars and professionals from three Asian and three European countries, respectively. This year’s…


18.06.2015 | Event

International Symposium "The 70th Annversary of the End of World War II in Europe"

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and in Asia. While the process of European post-WWII reconciliation is regarded…


04.06.2015 | Event

Japan-Germany Joint Symposium “The 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II – A New Prospect for Peace and Democracy in Japan and Germany”

On this symposium, politicians, diplomats, scholars and representatives of civil society in Europe and East Asia discuss a range of topics, including…


25.04.2015 | Event

Public seminar "Future of Social Democracy – from the perspective of modern political history of Japan"

Recently, the rights for workers are often neglected, the inequality in the society widens more and more, and the spirit of tolerance is in crisis.


09.02.2015 | Event

Dialogue Program in Berlin - Civic Diplomacy and Reconciliation in East Asia and Europe

From 9 to 12 February 2015, Yasushi Kudo of "Genron NPO", President of a an independent and not-for-profit Japanese think tank, was invited to Berlin…


23.01.2015 | Event

International Symposium “Robo-Ethics and 'Mind-Body-Schema' of Human and Robot – Challenges for a Better Quality of Life-“

The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and the University of Tsukuba hosted the symposium “Robo-Ethics and ‘Mind-Body-Schema’ of Human and Robot”. Researchers…


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