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21.02.2019 | Event, News | Event, News
International Conference "Coexisting with Foreigners in an Era of Mass Migration; opportunities and challenges for Europe and Japan"
Are nation states with strong ethnic identities capable of integrating large numbers of people of diverse cultures, many of whom may wish to stay and form new ethnic minority communities? Of all host…  
19.11.2018 | Event, News | Event, News
Symposium "Future of the automotive industry in Japan and Germany"
In both Germany and Japan, the automotive industry is one of the key industries. However, the sector is at a crossroads due to current developments (such as digitization). The question arises to…  
06.11.2018 | News, Event | News, Event
Work Style Reform – How Can Women (and Men too) Shine? Gender Time Gap and Gender Equality in Japan and Germany
The challenges of demographic change and the demand for more participation of women in the labor force require family-friendly working conditions as a fundamental prerequisite for better…  
02.11.2018 | Event, News | Event, News
German-Japanese Symposium "Securing the rule of law"
Japan and Germany are constitutional states in which the functions, controls and limits of law and politics are governed by the constitution. Both states see themselves as international leaders in…  
31.10.2018 | Event, News | Event, News
Symposium "Journalism in the Digital Age -Promoting Democracy or Facilitating Fake News?-"
The proliferation of new media and information technologies pose great challenges on the news media industry. Nowadays, anyone with Internet access can publish online 24/7, making it hard for…  
18.10.2018 | Event, News | Event, News
What is the "local"? Rethinking the politics of subnational territories in Japan
This symposium aims to enhance the discussion of the "local" as unit of analysis – a discussion that is vital to avoid under-complex approaches to multilayered socio-economic and political…  
21.09.2018 | Publication | Publication
"The future of the German automotive industry. Transformation by disaster or by design?"
New concepts of digital mobility from China and Silicon Valley and the issue of environmental driving bans for diesel cars pose grave challenges to the traditional German car industry - the backbone…  
21.09.2018 | Publication | Publication
"Education and Patriotism" - A Documentary
The TV documentary "Education and Patriotism" (Kyōiku to aikoku) provides a critical look at recent debates surrounding the introduction of moral education in Japanese elementary and middle schools…  
21.09.2018 | Publication | Publication
"Renewable Energy Policies and the Energy Transition in Japan"
This report outlines Japan’s renewable energy policy and the state of the energy transition in the country. It includes current prospects for climate change policy and the status of electrical power…  
25.07.2018 | Event, News | Event, News
Speech by the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany Heiko Maas in Tokyo
On his first trip to Asia, the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Heiko Maas, explained the increasing importance of Japanese-German relations in a changing world order. He…  
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