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23.03.2016 | Event | Event
Symposium “EU-Japan relations: Shaping the Future”
The European Union and Japan have essential mutual interests that will likely continue to coincide over a longer period. Such interests include the economic and social progress of globalization on…  
11.03.2016 | Event | Event
Symposium "3.11 - 5 years after Fukushima, 30 years after Chernobyl"
Five years after the nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima and 30 years after the accidents in Chernobyl, experts and citizens will discuss the current situation in Fukushima and the future of…  
08.03.2016 | Publication | Publication
Die Wirtschaftspolitik der Regierung Abe (Abenomics) (「安倍政権の経済政策(アベノミクス)・社会保障改革と社会民主主義の課題」)
Ito Shuhei cogently argues that Abenomics has not only failed, but that the Abe government's focus on economic and fiscal policies have led to a neglect of social policies and an increase in social…  
05.12.2015 | Event | Event
International Symposium "Germany's experience with Refugees and the Implications for Japan"
Called the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the Syrian humanitarian disaster has displaced half of the country’s total population of 22 million, and about a third of them, 4.2 million people,…  
30.11.2015 | Publication | Publication
"Was es mit den neuen japanischen Sicherheitsgesetzen auf sich hat" ("The New Japanese Security Legislation")
Japan’s refusal of belligerence is a key element of its constitution of 1947, in which the country explicitly revokes the right to wage war. On this basis, in the past the role of Japan's military…  
07.11.2015 | Event | Event
International Symposium "Peace and Conflict Research in East Asia and Eastern Europe"
At the symposium, experts discussed the actual tensions and disputes in Europa and East Asia. This symposium served to deepen the network and intensify the exchange on the topic “conflict prevention”.  
01.11.2015 | Publication | Publication
Japanese translation of "Energiewende verstehen: Handlungsstrategien, Akteure, Regulierung" (エネルギーシフトを理解する:行動戦略、関係者、調整)
Germany’s ‘Energy Shift’ aims at achieving the country’s goals on climate protection, particularly a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by shifting towards renewable energy production…  
31.10.2015 | Event | Event
The 14th Forum for "Historical Consciousness and Peace in East Asia"
70 years have passed since the Battle of Okinawa. Until today, the fight against the bases, such as Henoko, continues. On this Forum, we discuss current issues related to the position of Okinawa in…  
27.10.2015 | Event | Event
German-Japanese Energy Dialogue
During the visit of Matthias Bartke MP, the Japanese-German dialogue on energy policy was deepened. Dr. Bartke met with Diet Members in Tokyo and with representatives of NGOs and concerned citizens…  
17.07.2015 | Event | Event
Exchange Program for Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe (EPRIE) - Nations and Identities -
EPRIE is a concept aiming to bring together young scholars and professionals from three Asian and three European countries, respectively. This year’s EPRIE participants have been challenged with many…  
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