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20.07.2018 | Event | Event
Japanese-German dialogue on issues of world trade and protectionism
Issues of world trade and protectionism were the topics of high-level Japanese-German political dialogue.  
27.06.2018 | Event, News | Event, News
EPRIE 2018 "Media in times of populism and post-truth politics"
EPRIE (Exchange Program For Regional Integration In East Asia And Europe) 2018 took place from June 27th to July 08th in Poland, Germany and Belgium. This year's theme was "Media in times of populism…  
23.04.2018 | Event | Event
Japanese-German dialogue on issues of security policy in Northeast Asia
The security situation in Northeast Asia was the topic of high-level Japanese-German political dialogue.  
20.04.2018 | Event | Event
2018 East Asian Forum on UN Peace Operations “New Directions and New Approaches in UN Peace Operations, The Primacy of Politics and Protection of Civilians”
On the 2018 East Asian Forum on UN Peace Operations we reviewed the changing goals of peacekeeping, discuss directions and approaches taken by the United Nations and the four countries of East Asia,…  
27.03.2018 | Event | Event
Phase out from nuclear and coal, energy transition and citizen's participation in Germany
Aiming to intensify the dialogue on environmental protection within civil society, chairman Hubert Weiger and other representatives of the biggest environmental organization in Germany (Bund für…  
10.02.2018 | Event | Event
Growing Disparities in Wealth and Income in Industrialized Societies:life and work challenges for students
Since the 1980s, disparities in income and wealth have widened in most industrialized countries. But can democracy survive when the rich get richer and the poor cannot put food on the table? What…  
15.12.2017 | Publication | Publication
Study "Social Innovation Policy for Industry 4.0"
The concept of “Industry 4.0” outlines the vision of a smart factory, which is characterised by the complete networking of all production parts and processes: real time control via ITC and the …  
31.10.2017 | Publication | Publication
Interview "House of Representatives Elections 2017"
Interview with Sven Saaler regarding the 2017 House of Represenatives election and the trouble of the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan.  
31.10.2017 | Publication | Publication
Commentary "House of Representatives Elections 2017"
In the 2017 House of Representatives election, the LDP could again win a clear victory. The opposition was more divided than ever, after the break-up of the Democratic Party, and could not pose a…  
03.10.2017 | Event | Event
German-Japanese Economy Dialogue
During the visit of Mr. Wolfgang Tiefensee, State Minister of Economy, Science and the Digital Society in the government of Thuringia, the Japanese-German dialogue on economic policy was deepened.…  
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