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01.09.2014 | Publication | Publication
"Learning from the Nazis? How the Japanese constitution is being quietly undermined."
In summer 2013, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso suggested that Japan should learn methods of constitutional revision from the Nazis in 1930s Germany. This paper analyses the background of this…  
01.09.2014 | Publication | Publication
"Japan ist übrigens auch noch da" (Japan is still important)
Germany seems out of touch with Japan. High ranking federal representatives, including Merkel, and the German media seem to focus only little on Japan and its recent developments, such as in economy…  
01.08.2014 | Publication | Publication
"Rechtsruck in Japan? - Am Rundfunksender NHK zeigen sich die Konflikte der japanischen Gesellschaft" (Japan shifts to the right?)
Even though NHK is Japan’s publicly owned broadcaster, to this date it has maintained its independence from the government. This is increasingly changing, due to more active political interventions…  
15.07.2014 | Event | Event
International Symposium "Towards a New Global Economic Order - Which implications for firms, workers, and governments?"
In the wake of the global crisis, a process of negotiation of region-wide free trade agreements (FTAs) has taken place and is currently accelerating with a number of projects such as TPP, EU-Japan…  
01.07.2014 | Publication | Publication
"PM Abe Overturns Japan’s Pacifist Postwar Order"
1 July 2014 will go down in history as a watershed in Japan’s postwar history, a twenty-first century "day of infamy" when Abe hijacked democracy by renouncing Article 9 and the nation’s pacifist…  
15.04.2014 | Event | Event
Dialogue program "28 years after Chernobyl disaster - Experience of Belarus and civil activities in Germany"
A citizens’group of Rottweil, Germany, and a group from Belarus will visit Hiroshima, Tokyo and Fukushima, promote exchanges with each other, and deliver messages to Japanese society, government and…  
04.03.2014 | Event | Event
Expert-workshop "A new Energy Policy for Japan & Germany"
In Germany as well as in Japan energy policies have become one of the most burning issues attracting attention in and outside their countries. It would seem that both Nations stand at a turning…  
04.02.2014 | Event | Event
German-Japanese Research Conference "Economic Effects of Renewable Energy for Regional Development"
At this German-Japanese research conference, leading researchers from the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), Berlin, and the Institute decentralised Energy Technologies (IdE), Kassel,…  
31.01.2014 | Event | Event
Community Power Conference 2014 in Fukushima
The conference aims to create a unified forum for those people working on community based renewable energy projects and to accelerate further development through discussion and knowledge exchange.  
01.01.2014 | Publication | Publication
"Geschichte der Sozialdemokratie in Japan" (History of Social Democracy in Japan)
In the course of the development of political ideologies in modern Japan, Social Democracy has been subject to many changesof minor relevance. What is understood by the concept has been subject to…  
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